Georgia Coalition 2 Save Lives (GC2SL) is a coalition of lawyers, civil and human rights organizations, faith leaders, community members, and elected officials working to save the lives of Georgia’s citizens who will face life-threatening consequences as a result of Governor Kemp’s reopening of Georgia.

Our Mission

To save the lives of Georgians by advocating for life-saving measures for communities of color, the elderly, and vulnerable prison populations and those whose infection and death numbers are increasing rapidly.

We will actively advocate for consistent public messaging on wearing masks when leaving home and being in public places and will recommend the state and county governments supply masks and hand sanitizer for every citizen. We support widespread testing, contact tracing and antibody tests and encourage residents to stay at home until there has been a 14 day decrease in the new infections of COVID-19.  

A community-based collaboration, the coalition continues to garner support for its efforts, since an  initial team of community organizers came together last week to execute a funeral processional protest of the Governor’s re-opening of the state.

Beyond the coalition’s “call to action” to Governor Kemp, we are also encouraging cities and counties to issue executive orders, ordinances or resolutions directing their citizens to engage in protective behaviors to safeguard their health and well-being, as recommended by the CDC and federal guidelines.

Georgia Coalition 2 Save Lives will provide the research for a legal basis to support City and County’s lawful rights to issue Executive Orders to further protect their citizens despite the Governor’s move to relax the sheltering in place order.
We will provide pro bono legal service to any city or county government that issues a new executive order or resolution requiring their residents to continue to shelter in place.
We will engage in a community education campaign that supports medical professionals and experts.
We will encourage Georgians to continue to #stayhomega until medical research and scientific data demonstrates that it is safe to return normal activities.
We will help direct Georgians in need of assistance during the pandemic to resource providers and support services.
We will encourage and educate Georgians about ways to maintain their immune mental and physical health living and immune building initiatives.